Opening of Educational Institute

Opening of Educational Institute

Dear Sir or Madam,  

As a network of Kurdish academics, we aim to advance the scientific debate on Kurdish and correlating topics and to promote the educational potential of the migration society. In this context we have decided to found the Kurd-Akad educational institute.

The founding event will take place on Saturday, 24 November 2018, at the University of Duisburg-Essen. After a symposium we will award our first science prize at a reception to the Kurdish Studies Network, which for many years has made an enormous contribution to the scientific discussion of Kurdish and correlating topics, and Dr. Ahmet Kara, computer scientist and research associate at Oxford University.

We would be pleased to welcome you to the opening of the educational institute.

Yours sincerely



+++ 13.05 Civîna heremî ya Dusseldorf
+++ 18.05 Civîna endaman li NRW
+++ 26.05 Semînerên Soft Skills (behremendiyên nerm)li Frankfurt a.M.