Congratulations to HDP

Congratulations to HDP on their electoral victory

Today presidential and general elections were held in Turkey. It is not expected to have fair elections in a country in state of emergency.  Repression, especially against progressive, left and democratic parties, as well as violations of suffrage and voting process also occured in previous elections. But this year the repression reached a maximum, especially in the mostly Kurdish predominantly Southeast. Violence of state security forces against international observers and local election workers, prestamped or missing ballots, pooled or relocated polling stations, arrest of hundreds of HDP election workers dominated the elections beforehand. However HDP passed the antidemocratic 10% threshold. Their presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş reached an impressive result.

We congratulate the Democratic People's Party HDP on their electoral victory. It is now time to push this progressive force and the fight for democracy and peace.

Board of Kurd-Akad


+++ 13.05 regional meeting in Düsseldorf
+++ 18.05 general meeting NRW in Bochum
+++ 26.05 soft skills seminar in Frankfurt