Dear friends,
Dear members,

In view of our efforts to advance the scientific debate on Kurdish and correlating topics and to promote the educational potential of the migration society, we have already created numerous institutional approaches. The task now is to transform professionalisation to a new level.

Therefore we have decided to establish an educational institute, which will include soft skills seminars for full-time and honorary positions, expert workshops in cooperation with universities and subject-specific symposia. The educational institute also focuses on discourses on alternative educational models and scientific work beyond the classical educational institutions.

In order to make the development process of professionalisation that has begun clearly visible, we need a logo for our educational institute. This should be creatively designed and visualize the topic with a high recognition value.

Our design guidelines:
The logo may be a figurative mark or a combination of word and image. The logo is to be used both on the Internet and on all printed products (banners, posters, flyers, letterhead, etc.). For this reason it must be easily scalable and usable for both areas mentioned. In addition, the logo must be meaningful in both, colour and black and white.

Anyone can take part in the logo competition. More than one proposal may also be submitted. The author of the design transfers all rights of use to Kurd-Akad free of charge.

The final selection is made by the advisory board of the educational institute together with the board of Kurd-Akad.

The following documents are required for participation:
- Contact details of the participant (name, address, email, telephone number)
- Logo in digital form Image file (JPG format)
- Logo in printed form on paper (DIN A4), in two different sizes (3 and 15 cm)
- Brief description of the idea behind the design

Deadline is 15.09.2018.

Kind regards

Executive Board


+++ 13.05 regional meeting in DĂĽsseldorf
+++ 18.05 general meeting NRW in Bochum
+++ 26.05 soft skills seminar in Frankfurt