Newsletter 2018-3

Dear members,

dear interested people,

herewith we send you the newsletter about the third quarter 2018

+++ Kurd-Akad Board Meeting

Our second Kurd-Akad Board Meeting took place in Cologne on August, 18th 2018.
The following topics were discussed during the meeting: Conferences 2019, regional meetings and our Bildungswerk.

+++ Regional Kurd-Akad Meetings

Also in this quarter some regional meetings took place. Through the active participation of our members and interested parties, we can jointly develop and expand ideas and activities.

+++ Conferences 2019

In the coming year we accomplish (so far) four conferences. The annual symposium with the title ?the ´neue? Turkey and its challengers? will dedicate itself to the developments in Turkey. The traditional conference in Frankfurt deals with the war in the Middle East and focuses on alternative future models in the context of education and social change. The conference, which will take place for the first time in Hamburg and will be entitled "Refugee Goal Germany: War and Migration from the Perspective of Minorities in the Middle East", aims to critically examine the issue of refugees and its causes using the example of the Middle East and in particular minorities there. The fourth conference deals with the multifactorial aspects, challenges and opportunities of mother tongue. This conference is a cooperation event with the Kurdish Institute, the Association of Kurdish Teachers and the Kurdish PEN Centre.

+++ Kurd-Akad NL

Work on the establishment of a network of Kurdish academics and university graduates in the Netherlands is progressing. On 06.10.18 another meeting of Kurdish academics will take place in Amsterdam.

+++ Excursion London

After a successful excursion to the Netherlands in February, we are pleased to be able to offer another one this year. From 30.11. to 02.12.18 we travel to London. To 01.12.18 at 16 o'clock at the SOAS a meeting with Kurdish and correlating AkademikerInnen from Great Britain takes place. Of course also Sightseeing belongs to the program.

Kind regards

Excutive board


+++ 13.05 regional meeting in Düsseldorf
+++ 18.05 general meeting NRW in Bochum
+++ 26.05 soft skills seminar in Frankfurt