Appeal to academics


Appeal to academics and scientists
Support the reconstruction in Rojava

With this letter we, as KURD-AKAD, would like to call for the attention of academics and scientists in Germany to the Rojava project and ask for their active cooperation.

The war in Syria not only caused a wave of refugees, but also almost completely destroyed the school system. Many teachers had to leave the country, children and young people rarely have access to the regular school system in many areas. The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, also known as 'Rojava', is under reconstruction in all areas of life, from the health system to the education system. The rebuilding of the education and training system in Rojava poses enormous challenges, both immaterial and material. The political upheavals and the still ongoing and long-term democratic transformations of society as a whole are expressed and reflected in a reorganisation of the education and training system. The aim here is to build education that is both based on shared democratic values and decentralized.

In Rojava there are three universities (Hasaka University, Rojava University and Kobanî University) in addition to kindergartens and regular schools. According to the Universities of Rojava and Kobanî, there are 130 teaching and research staff and about 800 students enrolled at both universities. The opening of a school on 1 February for the physically disabled with special needs in Kobanî can be seen as an example of modern educational policy priorities such as the emphasis on inclusion. An essential point of Rojava's school system is that the framework conditions of the school system are no longer prepared by a small and elitist group from the central state, but that education is initiated and realized at the municipal level by folk academies. In addition, the focus of the subjects and the academies can also be used to see what the 'Democratic Federation of Northern Syria' has achieved so far in the field of 'education' and what it could still achieve in the future.

The Rojava project aims to contribute to the reconstruction of the education system through a scientific needs, stock and design analysis of the educational situation in Rojava. Based on empirical and theoretical findings, practice-oriented training measures will be conducted in the form of a two-week summer school for the target group of educators*, teachers and students in order to initiate the sustainable transfer of knowledge in the region. It is worth mentioning that by facilitating opportunities for professional exchange in the field of training and further education of teachers, both German and Syrian actors can be prepared to reflect on different educational realities. An innovative aspect of the project is the sustainable effectiveness through the formation of a network between actors in the educational system in Rojava/Northern Syria and in Europe. With this network it is possible to work together on sustainable solutions for existing challenges in the education system on an international level.

We are currently in the process of forming a pool of references from all over Europe who are active in various professional fields and areas of competence. The speakers from this pool will offer courses, seminars and workshops on various topics in Qamislo and Kobanî as part of the planned Summer School in August 2019.

If you would like to actively support and participate in the reconstruction of Rojava, take part in the Rojava project. For further information please contact KURD-AKAD via Email.

Thank you for your attention and support. Your Rojava Project Team

Kind regards
Board of Kurd-Akad



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