Action plan and call against the war of Turkey in Rojava / Northern Syria

Dear friends,

While we addressed the international public with a press release last week with regard to the invasion of Turkey in Rojava, this appeal is primarily addressed to academics and scientists.

The events around Rojava affect us all. With great esteem and solidarity we have always praised this prime example of a society characterized by pluralism, democracy, gender justice and ecology. This is precisely what is now being attacked.


We academics have a responsibility here. We must now make greater use of our professions and skills to stand up for Rojava.

- Sign our signature campaign "Scientists and academics against the war in Northern Syria/Rojava" (see text below): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Write a short statement (max. 1500 characters; English, Kurdish or German) for/about Rojava until 30.10.19. These will be published bundled. You can express your protest, make a political evaluation of the developments, make demands, explain the model of Rojava etc.

- Support the action week on 11-14 November "Scientists and academics against the war in Rojava" by organising a seminar on the subject at your university / research institution.

- If you have written scientific articles related to the topic, please publish them again. We would be happy to receive a copy or a link.

- Write letters to local and national newspapers. Be the contact person for the media.

- Use your competence in the social media.

- Visit the members of the European and parliament in your constituency.


Signature campaign:

Scientists and academics against the war in Rojava

The Turkish army invaded Northern Syria / Rojava again. This military invasion violates international law and has generated a humanitarian catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced, hundreds of civilians have already lost their lives. In addition, there are signs of a resurgence of the IS. Hundreds of IS fighters have fled the prisons. Against the background of previous terrorist attacks, this also poses a threat to the West, especially to Europe.

The Middle East, which for decades has been marked by ethnic and denominational lines of conflict, needs no further destabilization. The democratic actors in the region urgently need our support.

We, the scholars and academics, therefore call for the following

- an immediate end to the military invasion

- the establishment of a no-fly zone over Northern Syria.

- an immediate halt to all arms deliveries to Turkey

- a termination of the EU-Turkey refugee agreement

Network of Kurdish Academics and Professionals Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Caucher Birkar, Awardee of Fields Medal 2018, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Joost Jongerden, University of Wageningen, Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ian Ilhan Kizilhan, Director of the Institute for Genocide and Peace Research, Germany

Prof. Dr. Michael Meyen, LMU Munich, Germany

Prof. Dr. Norman Paech, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Bahman Rostami-Tabar, Cardiff University, UK

Prof. Dr. Kariane Westrheim, University of Bergen, Norway




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