Recommendation for action on the visit of the German Foreign Minister to Turkey

The German Foreign Ministry has named five points that German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will discuss with Turkish foreign minister during his visit to Turkey tomorrow.(Oct 26,2019)


These points are essential. Here are our comments.

1. Stabilise the ceasefire: Despite the ceasefire, the Turkish army continues its attacks in Northern Syria and endangers civil engagement and reconciliation, which are an essential part of the social understanding of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.

2 Humanitarian aid:
After the withdrawal of aid organisations, only the Kurdish Red Crescent has remained in the region and needs our support.
In this context it should also be pointed out that this humanitarian crisis was foreseeable with mass expulsions and new waves of refugees. Turkey under President Erdogan announced the offensive months ago.

3. Support of the political process:
Anyone who wants to establish a democratic constitution in Syria must include the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria as a living vision of democracy in the Middle East. The exclusion of these forces weakens the effectiveness of the commitment of the United Nations.

4. Continue the fight against the IS:
The democratic forces of Syria were the most effective ground force in the fight against ISIS. They are now attacked for more than three weeks by NATO member Turkey. Dozens of ISIS fighters imprisoned in Northern Syria managed to escape because the prisons were damaged during the attacks. Who wants to prevent a re-strengthening of ISIS must prevent the occupation of Northern Syria by Turkey. The affilation of Turkey and jihadist groups is known, Turkey is regarded as an action platform for these groups.

5. Involve international partners:
The international community of states must take all measures to stop the invasion and war crimes of Turkey, which are contrary to international law. The establishment of a no-fly zone must have top priority.

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