Peace and Freedom now

Recently, there have been more discussions again in Turkey about a political solution to the Kurdish question. This is essential for the democratisation of Turkey and peace in the Middle East.  Military offensives, also in the Kurdish areas of Syria and Iraq, as well as repression against the opposition, especially the HDP, must not remain a continuity.

The parliament is the central addressee and actor here. The PKK and its leader Abdullah Öcalan also point to this. There is an urgent need to resume dialogue. Hereby the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is an important and necessary step.

His essays/discurses not only offer approaches to solving the Kurdish question, but also perspectives for a democratic, ecological and gender-equal social and value system in the Middle East.

The UK University and College Union, with over 130,000 members, has joined the international campaign for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan. Academics are an important pillar of peace building.

Afghanistan should be both a reminder and a reason for us to empower peacebuilding more strongly.

As Kurd-Akad, we will focus more on this again in future work. Peace and freedom must prevail. 

Kurd-Akad Executive Board