Newsletter – Q3-2021

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We renew our call for cooperation and membership.

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Executive board

Board meetings

The meetings were held on 07.07, 05.08, 09.09 and 21.09.21. 

Conference on the Treaty of Lausanne

On the 98th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, we – Kurd-Akad Germany, Switzerland and UK – addressed the treaty from a Kurdish perspective at a conference. Speakers were the politician Nilüfer Koç and Prof. Ass. Djene Rhys Bajalan. There will also be a conference on this topic next year.

World Peace Day

In cooperation with Civaka Azad, we organised an online event on the occasion of the World Peace Day. The journalist Erk Acarer, the former HDP MP PD Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım and the physician Dr. med. Gisela Penteker from the IPPNW spoke about Turkey, the Kurdish question and perspectives for peace and democracy, based on the increasing repression against opposition members, also in Germany, and the aggressive-expansive foreign policy. Peace will be a central theme of our work in the coming year and especially of gender-specific cooperation.

Soft Skills seminars 

This quarter, we offered two seminars (foundation applications and press work) in cooperation with Kurdish Centre for Public Relations Civaka Azad. Further seminars will follow.

Funding programme for the publication of a dissertation 

Twice a year, our network will financially support the publication of one dissertation each. The first application deadline was 15 September 2021, and the scientific advisory board of our educational organisation plays a key role in the decision-making process. The next application deadline is 15 March 2022.

Digital Summer Tour

In the spirit of networking, cooperation with other organisations and institutions is an important component for the sustainable consolidation of our work. In line with this understanding, we have held a number of discussions with women’s organisations (Ceni, Utamara, German Women’s Council, HDP politicians in exile). There are first concrete ideas of joint events.  There was also a meeting with the educational initiative Ferhat Unvar, which confirmed to us once again how important anti-racism work is. In 2022, racism will be one of the core topics of our political education events.

Solidarity with HDP 

In the coming months, solidarity with the HDP will also be on our agenda. The event entitled “HDP women politicians in exile in conversation – Problem Zone Turkey: Exit Strategies in the Context of Gender Issues, Communalism and Civil Society” is the result of our meeting with the women MPs during our summer tour and a first stage of events in solidarity with the HDP.

You are invited to actively participate and become a member of the network.

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KURD-AKAD Executive board