Dear members,Dear friends,
We are pleased to publish the second newsletter this year. 

Board meetings 

This quarter, the meetings were held on 12 & 24 May and 7 & 23 June. 

Symposium on national unity 

The symposium “From division to unity: challenges and options for Kurdish academics” took place on 17 April. After the conference of Kurdish doctors in January, all parts of Kurdistan were represented by speakers here as well.

Conference on Kurdish Language Day

On 15 May, Kurdish Language Day, a conference was held in cooperation with the Kurdish Institute Germany and the Association of Students from Kurdistan. Different aspects were addressed: national unity, gender, bilingualism, native language lessons and higher education using the example of Rojava and South Kurdistan. 

Cooperation with Rojava University 

After a period of standstill, we are pleased to announce that cooperation has resumed. Central topics are the support of higher education, the transfer of scientific literature and the expansion of university contacts abroad. Meetings were held on 2 & 12 May and on 2 & 8 June. In addition to academics from universities in Great Britain, China, Switzerland and Denmark, representatives from the Kurdish institutes of Germany, Paris and Stockholm as well as Kurd-Akad UK and the Association of Kurdish Teachers took part in the meetings.

Networking of physicians

 On 23 April and 9 May, our working group met to plan further activities, especially the conference in the coming year. On 24 June, an exchange meeting took place with the medical faculty of Rojava University. The aim is to support medical education at the university.

General Assembly

On 30 May, our general meeting took place online. A new board was elected. For the next two years, 7 women will coordinate the work of the network.

Soft skills seminars 

In the coming months we will again offer some seminars together with the Kurdish Centre for Public Relations to support local actors in the field of public relations.
You are invited to actively participate and become a member of the network. 

KURD-AKAD Executive board